How to Register as a EasyBid member?


How to Register as a Easybid member

EasyBid: An easier way for you to bid online at Yahoo! Japan auction for more than 100,000 items listed anytime. Through EasyBid, you do not need to think or worry about the payment, shipping and etc. from Japan; we will help to do it. What you need to do is register as a member at Easy Bid and it is free for registration! What are you waiting for??? Click the following link for registration; it is very simple and only takes you a couple of minutes, then you can enjoy shopping at Yahoo! Auction.

1st step:-

Go to, click at REGISTER, and you will see the webpage as per below:-


2nd step: Fill up your name, email, username, phone number and set your desire password and then click Save.


Yes! Congratulations! You are successfully registered as a member of EasyBid and now you may start your shopping or searching for your ideal products with just login using the username and password that you have just set.


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