Iconic Japanese Rims

Iconic Japanese wheels with a venture into the world of one-piece racing wheels. Known for their high quality, light weights, and stylish designs, these wheels can be found all over the world and their styles have been imitated time and time again. Even people who are not into Japanese tuning should be familiar with wheels like the Volk TE37 and Advan RS. Besides being found on tuned Japanese cars worldwide, the quality of these wheels is good enough to be used by owners of high end non-Japanese cars like Porsche 911’s and BMW M3’s.
Now let’s take a look at some the popular models. Again, this is not supposed to be an end-all wheel guide, but a simple overview of well known models.

Volk Racing TE37
There is no Japanese racing wheel more iconic and popular than the Ray’s Engineering Volk TE37. It is one of the oldest wheels of this type and its ultra lightweight forged construction and timeless six-spoke design have kept this wheel at the top when it comes to popularity. It looks right at home and car’s dating from the ’60s all the way to 2008 and it can be found on everything from vintage race cars and drift cars to time attack record breakers. I could write several posts alone just on this one wheel. The TE37 looks particularly great in low offset sizing with the concave or “GT-R face”. There are also different variations of the original TE37 design like the “cup” and “gravel” versions.

Volk Racing CE28N
Right behind the TE37 in popularity is another Volk Racing wheel, the CE28N. Like the TE37, it comes in tons of different sizes that will fit everything from a Toyota Prius to wide body time attack cars. The Powerhouse Amuse GT1 S2000 seen above is just one of the many cars that the CE28N looks right at home on. Ray’s offers the CE28N in a number of different colors, and I don’t think there is a single color that doesn’t look good on this wheel.

Volk Racing RE30
The RE30 is a more recent addition to the Volk Racing lineup, and since its release a couple years ago, it has become an extremely popular wheel both in Japan and elsewhere. The wheel is seen here on the VARIS Evo5 time attack car. On nearly all of its models, Volk has released special “Time Attack” editions with red wheel lips or other models with machined lips.


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