Onitsuka Tiger – Real Japanese Kicks!

Onitsuka Tigers = Real Japanese Kicks…

Founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka and initially came out with only basketball shoes, it has become some sort of trend setting must have by youth of the world. Inspired by Octopus tentacles’ suckers, he developed the then Suction Cup Soles that revolutionize his shoes for amazing grip.

Apart of being in the Asics Group, Onitsuka became synonymous with the youth culture and coolness. It is visible in Kill Bill Vol. 1&2. As Uma Thurman kicked a** and slaughtered everyone in the show while wearing Yellow Onitsuka Tigers Tai Chi’s. It was one of those cool movies that we (guys) all secretly fantasize about -the Japanese School Girls who are cute and adorable and yet dangerous and lethal such as Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill. The movie was a cult hit even though the acting quality was questionable.

Onitsuka Tigers has many collections and one of the more recent (2009) launches was the Zodiac Collection. A collection of shoes depicting Chinese Zodiac Characters. The video used in the marketing campaign was cute and cuddly but served its purpose of promoting the line.

Onitsuka Tigers in Japan are different and they even have a “Nippon Made” limited edition that is made in Japan and sold in Japan only. Each pair of Onitsuka Tigers Nippon Made are  based  on  stylish  and  simple  design  of the “MEXICO 66”, the best­selling model  of Oni tsuka Tiger worldwide.

The shoes are made  of  Japan made  leather  given  the  luxurious  and  retro  touch at the manufacturing factory in Japan. The leather  for  the  upper  part  of  the  shoes  is tanned  with  tannin  and  processed with  “Washed­up  method”  to  wash  the  tanned  leather  with  hot  water  after production,  squeeze  it  and  fix  the  shape  again,  which  makes  possible  to  infuse wrinkly and vintage feel into it.

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2 thoughts on “Onitsuka Tiger – Real Japanese Kicks!

  1. During the volleyball championships in Mexico City in 1974. There were some real nice shoes. I was wondering if could still get a pair like those.

    • Hey Francisco,

      Yeah I love them as well. You can only get the new models that are like “tribute editions”. Nothing beats the originals, does it?

      EB Team

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