Iconic Japanese Rims 3

Following the series of Iconic Japanese Rims, we have already touched on Volk Racing TE37, Volk Racing CE28N, Volk Racing RE30, Nismo LMGT4, Gram Lights 57, Advan RG & RG2. Now we continue on with some other great favourites.

Advan RS

The Advan RS is another popular part of the Advan wheel line. The RS can be seen on big name cars like the Zero Sports time attack Impreza and Nobu Taniguchi’s HKS Altezza drift car. Speaking of HKS, Advan has a tight relationship with them and Advan wheels can be seen on all of the demo and race cars built by HKS. The RS wheel has also become very popular among the BMW crowd in Japan recently.

Advan Model T6

The Model T6 is another six-spoke offering from Advan. It’s thicker, flatter spoke design distinguishes it from the RG. The Aristo that Manabu Orido drives in Formula D is rocking a set of these wheels in the attractive dark chrome finish. Yashio Factory also uses Advan wheels on all of its car drift and time attack projects.

Advan Model T7

The Advan T7 has been around for a long time, and although it is not of my personal favorites, it looks really good in concave offsets. Replicas of this wheel were very popular during the early days of the import movement of the United States, and it seemed like every wheel company out there was selling a copy of this wheel at one point. The car in the photo is the JZA80 Supra MSC/D1SL car with a Celica front end. There are plenty of other great Advan wheels like the TCII and AVS Model 5.


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