“Happy” Promotion!


We at Easybid are very happy to have you as our members, and we always try to continuously improve all aspects of our service and try to provide the best deals for our members. So if you are happy with our service, please send us a picture of you and your won item from Japan. Each month we will choose 10 lucky winners to credit RM 50 into their EB accounts in which they can use this for bidding on items. Our Promotion is valid from 1st July 2010 to 31st Dec 2010.

Just email your picture of you and your item to promotions@easybid.com.my and wait for our monthly announcement. Please also read the terms and conditions stated at the bottom.

So grab your cameras and start shooting away!!

For more information, please email us at inquiries@easybid.com.my or call our office at 03-6252 3826 @ ext 113.


  • All Members who have previously purchased an item from Easybid.com.my can email a picture of themselves and thier Won Item to participate in our Lucky Draw Contest
  • 10 Lucky Winning Pictures will be selected at random each month and they will enjoy RM50 credit topped up to their EB account.
  • They have to email thier picture, member ID and product ID to promotions@easybid.com.my. Only after receiving the email, EB will credit the money into their EB Account.
  • Valid only for 1 member each per month, but the same member can be a lucky winner in a following month if their picture is selected.
  • Valid during the Promotion Period of 1st July 2010 – 31st Dec 2010.
  • Credited money cannot transfered into cash to another EB account.
  • Credited Credit of RM 50 is to be used for bidding on Yahoo Japan Auction only and not valid for purchasing EB’s Direct Buy Item
  • Credit is only valid for only 3 months if there are no purchases in the first 3 months.”

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