Practice Caution, Fakes & Imitators around us!

Dear Members,

It has to come to our attention that there are certain companies and individuals that are passing themselves of as the our Company or representatives of our Company via marketing material,similar looking websites, logos, advertisements and etc.

Please beware of these fakes as we have no connection to them and they do not in any way represent our Company.

Recently we have been receiving complaints from customers and members that they have not received their purchases after settling their total bill. After much investigation, we found that some of our members had purchased products from other dummy websites, 3rd Party Auctions, Forums and companies imitating us. After collecting full payment, the fake companies will not deliver the products.

Hence please be careful and verify that you are buying or bidding on .

Customers and members can verify our identity by checking on the following:

1. Registered Company Name: Dynamic Online Trading & Services Sdn Bhd (857190-A)
2. MBB Account Number: 5142 4412 7170
3. Office Contact Number: 03-6252 3826

For further information, please contact us via or call our office at 03-625238260 extension 113.

Thank you for your continuous support.

EB Management


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