Real Slim Sha*dy, please Stan Up?

Dear all,

We live in an age where piracy and imitation goods are as rampant as the “mamak” stalls and “pasar malams” sprouting all around us. From big and world known brands and companies are being knocked off and imitated, but on the light side imitation is a form of flattery. Just ask Slim, he knows it and that is why he sung about it way back in 2000!

Let us introduce a poorly created website that IMITATED OUR OLD DESIGN that has recently been brought to our attention by some of our members. Our doppleganger of a website clearly went to all the trouble to copy all the aspects of our old website. Clearly they did not put a lot of thought into this endeavor. Shame, Shame…

Some members have have reported to us that these IMITATORS HAVE TAKEN DEPOSITS and after that have not replied back to them with any information. Another member mistook their identity for us and paid for some outstanding balances to them. When the member requested for a refund, the imitator’s contact person promised to refund but they later refused to refund stating that THEY HAVE A NO DEPOSIT REFUND POLICY. How can you trust a company that has this sort of practices and they don’t advertise their bank account information or their company name to the public (please refer below).

Lastly the creme brule on the desert of deceit is how lame our imitator tried to fool our members with a SIMILAR OFFICE ADDRESS AND EMAIL ADDRESSES. We were surprise that they didn’t try to photoshop their Company name onto our Building. We have been very sincere to our customers and members by including pictures of our Office Building & Warehouse.

FYI, our the website print screens that we are showing in this blog is our Old Design. We uploaded our new design middle of this year. This is our New Design. The real mccoy…


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