Iconic Japanese Rims 4

Following our Iconic Japanese Rims Series, we will take a look at 3 favorites such as the Work Emotion CR Kai, Work Emotion XT7, XD9, XC8, and the SSR Type C wheels.

Work Emotion CR Kai

Work offers some very nice one-piece racing wheels in their Emotion line. The original CR Kai model is the original and one of the most popular, particularly on drift cars. What’s not to like about them? They are reasonably priced, have high quality construction, and a very attractive split five-spoke design that is available in some super aggressive sizes and offsets.

Different colours of XT7



Work Emotion XT7, XD9 & XC8.

Work followed up on the success of the CR Kai with additional Emotion models. These included the XD9, the XC8, and the seven-spoke XT7. The low offset XT7 is one of my favorite wheels especially in the chrome-like finish seen above.

SSR Type C

SSR is a little better known for their old school wheels and multi-piece designs, but they also have the Type C, which is an ultra-light one-piece forged racing wheel. A silver version with a machined lip is sold in the United States as the SSR Competition. It makes a good alternative to the more commonly seen Volk and Advan wheels. SSR has recently introduced a new wheel called the Type F which uses the same construction of the Type C with a new spoke design.


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