iPhone 4 Exotic Leather Skin Covers

Dear Members,

We have brought in a range of  exotic leather/skin covers for the iPhone 4. These leather skins come from Thailand and are made with stringent quality control methods. The leather skin comes in 6 different type of designs.

Firstly we have the String Ray Skin covers, which come in 2 different designs. They come in the Tiger Design and the Jewel Crown Design. We also have Cow Leather Designs that have Crocodile Emboss designs on them, so they look like crocodile leather. The other 2 exotic leather skins are the Water Snake Skin which has the Diamond Python Print and the last exotic piece is the Sea Snake Skin cover which carries its own original motif.

Other than the exotic designs, we are also selling these items are rock bottom prices. Please check out our online store

Crocodile Emboss – Cow Leather 1

Sea Snake Motive – Sea Snake SkinDiamond Python Print – Water Snake SkinJewel Crown – Sting RayTiger Design – Sting RayCrocodile Emboss – Cow Leather 1


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