In conjunction with this delightful Hari Raya Festival, EasyBid has come out with a FABULOUS promotion!!

We are giving away FREE SEAMAIL* to all EB subscribers who purchase SUPERDRY T- Shirt for the whole month of SEPTEMBER 2011.


SUPERDRY is a well-known brand, founded is 1985 and is a British retail brand. SUPERDRY clothing is inspired by Japanese design influences with vintage Americana style which has won over fans heart from all over the world. The design is so classy and comfy to wear at any occasion in Malaysia. SUPERDRY T-Shirt is nevertheless the best option for Malaysian as good quality and design that will definitely embark your status all the way you go.

What are you waiting for?? Grab this chance and start bidding for your exquisite SUPERDRY T-Shirt NOW.  😀 

Check our terms and conditions:

a) Valid for SUPERDRY T-Shirt won items brand ONLY.

b) Valid for a minimum purchase of 1-5 pieces per single receipt ONLY

c) Won Items for Yahoo Japan Auction Only

d) Valid for the whole month of September ONLY

e) Won Items have to be shipped in Container (Seamail only).

f)  Not Valid for Automotive Items

g) Free Seamail Charges will be reflected in your statement

h) Full Payment must be paid before collecting the Won Items.

For more Inquiries, please contact our office at or call our office at 03-6252 3826 @ ext 113.


EB Team


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