Dear EasyBid Members,

Today is Mid-Autumn festival. Celebration of Mid-autumn festival has a long history and almost every traditional Chinese festival has a connection with legends.  In ancient times, the emperors had the tradition of worshipping the Sun in spring, and the Moon in autumn. The word “Mid-Autumn” first appeared in the famous ancient book “Zhou Li” (The Zhou Rituals, a book telling the rituals in the Zhou Dynasty). However, it was not until the early Tang Dynasty that the day was officially celebrated as a traditional festival. It became a established festival during the Song Dynasty, and has become as popular as the Spring Festival since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Celebrations has continued ever since and more customs for marking this occasion have been formed.

Today for young children, listening to the stories is still an important part of their way to celebrate the Moon Festival.

One of the popular legendary story is it is said that long ago there used to be 10 suns in the sky. This 10 suns has instantly dried the crops and caused disaster to the people on earth. Hou Yi, a local archer had a great sympathy for people’s suffering. He climbed up to the summit of Kunlun Mountains and shot down the 9 suns leaving only 1 sun for the people. Hou Yi then become a hero and was admired by the people.

Later, Hou Yi married a beautiful lady – Chang Er. Both of them are known as a loving and sweet couple. Hou Yi had many apprentices with his perfect archery skills. Meanwhile, one of his pupils, Peng Meng is a wicked person. One day, the Queen Mother of the West gave him an elixir of immortality as a reward for his valiant task. The Queen Mother warned Hou Yi “Do not swallow this pill before preparing yourself with prayer and fasting for a year”. Hou Yi gave the elixir to Chang Er for safekeeping and she hid it in her jewelry box. Unfortunately, Peng Meng found this secret and planned to steal it.

Several days later, when Hou Yi and other apprentices went for hunting, Peng Meng pretend to be ill and stayed at home. Without wasting any more time, Meng Peng, forced Chang Er to give him the elixir. Chang Er knew that she couldn’t defeat Peng, so she swallowed the elixir and immediately she found herself floating and flied up to the sky.

With deep love for her husband, Chang Er, chose to be an immortal on the moon , closest to the Earth so that she can sees her husband everyday.

When Hou Yi was told what had happened, Hou Yi was heart- striken and went to the back garden and called his wife’s name ceaselessly. Surprisingly, he found that the moon was tremendously clean and vivid that night; and that there was a moving figure like Chang Er in the moon. Hou Yi desperately tries to catch up the moon, but to his dismay he cant get it. Hou Yi then asked his servant to bring out a table with foods and his wife favourite snacks and fruits on it.

Today in this 21st century, people will enjoy the full moon and eat moon cakes on that day to pray to Chang Er for good fortune and safety. The moon will look extremely round, big and bright on the 15th day of each lunar month. People have selected the 15th of the 8th month to celebrate because it is a season when crops and fruits are all ripe and the weather is pleasant and great. On the Mid-Autumn Festival, all family members or friends gather outside, bringing  food and put it on tables and looking up at the sky while talking about their life. On this day, children are allowed to stay up late and play with colourful lanterns. How splendid a moment it is!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is perhaps the most important day for family reunion or remembering one’s family, as the full moon symbolises the fact that you are sharing the same moon with your loved ones, both present and deceased. This is definitely a day to celebrate with. EasyBid team would like to wish every members a great and prosperous mid-autumn festival! Cheers!!


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