Dear EasyBid Members!

We had come to an end of September. And it is NEVER a sorrow moment for us, as it is time for us to launch our next SIZZLING Promotion!! Yeahhh!!!

Guess what??!!

EASYBID members are going to stand a chance to dine in to the Malaysia largest buffet spread with over 200 varieties of premium sushi, sashimi, tempura, teppanyaki, dim sum, western cuisine, Chinese cuisine and more.

And that’s true, you are going to feast like a KING with this AWESOME PROMOTION!!

OMG!! Is this for real??!!


EASYBID is giving away 20pcs of JOGOYA Japanese Buffet Restaurant MEAL VOUCHERS

JOGOYA Japanese Buffet Restaurant has been featured in Time Out KL and was shortlisted in the Best Japanese Restaurant category of the 2009 Time Out KL Food Awards. JOGOYA have also introduced a new recipe from Taiwan, the hot porcelain grill. This recipe uses the accumulated heat in the porcelain to continuously grill the meat on the porcelain slowly to its cooked tender state while at the same time let the meat absorb the taste of the sauce slowly. This ancient way of cooking passed from generation to generation is the perfect way to seal the taste of meat, enabling you to enjoy the most original taste of the meat. This is an experience that you must try and it is currently only available at JOGOYA.

So come to JOGOYA and enjoy all these delicious foods. You will definitely have  a wonderful dining experience!

So, how to grab this JOGOYA Meal Vouchers? Just follow our simple terms and conditions as stated below.

Terms and Conditions:

a) Valid for the first 20 EASYBID members with photo taken together with EasyBid Won Items Only .

b) Photos must be tagged in EASYBID Facebook Fan PAge Only

c) 1 Winner for 1 Meal Voucher ONLY

d) Jogoya Meal Vouchers= Buy 2 Free 1 meal Vouchers

e) This JOGOYA Meal Vouchers valid till 31st December 2011

f) EASYBID reserve the right to end/ and or vary the promotion without prior notice.

For more Inquiries, please contact our office at inquiry@easybid.com.my or call our office at 03-6252 3826 @ ext 113.


EB Team

* Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant does not serve pork, but offers alcohol on its menu.


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